French interrogative adverbs: rules and examples

French interrogative adverbs: rules and examples

Interrogative adverbs in French are words used to ask questions about when, where, why, and how.

Some common interrogative adverbs in French are “” (where), “quand” (when), “pourquoi” (why), and “comment” (how).


  1. vas-tu ce soir? (Where are you going tonight?)
  2. Quand as-tu fini tes devoirs? (When did you finish your homework?)
  3. Pourquoi pleures-tu? (Why are you crying?)
  4. Comment ça se passe aujourd’hui? (How is it going today?)

It’s important to remember that in French, the word order can change when using interrogative adverbs.

For example, “Où vas-tu?” can become “Où tu vas?” depending on the emphasis desired.

Practice making questions with interrogative adverbs in French to improve your understanding and usage of these important words.


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