French pronouns list (PDF)

French pronouns list (PDF)

Pronouns play a crucial role in communication by replacing nouns and avoiding repetition. From subject pronouns to object pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, and more, we will list the various types of pronouns in French.

Here is a list of common French pronouns:

Subject Pronouns:

  • Je (I)
  • Tu (You (informal singular))
  • Il (He)
  • Elle (She)
  • Nous (We)
  • Vous (You (formal singular or plural))
  • Ils (They (masculine or mixed gender))
  • Elles (They (feminine))

Object Pronouns:

  • Me (Me)
  • Te (You (informal singular))
  • Le (Him)
  • La (Her)
  • Nous (Us)
  • Vous (You (formal singular or plural))
  • Les (Them)

Disjunctive Pronouns:

  • Moi (Me)
  • Toi (You (informal singular))
  • Lui (Him)
  • Elle (Her)
  • Nous (Us)
  • Vous (You (formal singular or plural))
  • Eux (Them (masculine or mixed gender))
  • Elles (Them (feminine))

Demonstrative Pronouns:

  • Ce (This / That)
  • Cette (This / That (feminine))
  • Cet (This / That (masculine))
  • Ces (These / Those)

Relative Pronouns:

  • Qui (Who)
  • Que (That, whom)
  • Dont (Whose, of which)

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