10 French sayings about fashion

10 French sayings about fashion

Fashion is an important aspect of French culture, and has been a source of inspiration for many.

French sayings about fashion are often witty, insightful, and reflect the country’s love for style and elegance.

Here are 10 popular French sayings about fashion:

1. “La mode se démode, le style jamais.”

– Fashion fades, style is eternal.

2. “L’élégance n’a pas de prix.”

– Elegance has no price.

3. “Le vêtement fait l’homme.”

– Clothes make the man.

4. “Les accessoires sont les détails qui font la différence.”

– Accessories are the details that make the difference.

5. “La simplicité est la clé de l’élégance.”

– Simplicity is the key to elegance.

6. “L’excentricité est une forme d’élégance.”

– Eccentricity is a form of elegance.

7. “Le chic, c’est ne pas en faire trop.”

– Chic is not doing too much.

8. “La mode c’est ce qui se porte, le style c’est ce que l’on est.”

– Fashion is what is worn, style is what one is.

9. “L’apparence est souvent trompeuse.”

– Appearance is often deceptive.

10. “Le vêtement ne fait pas la personne, mais l’habille.”

– Clothing does not make the person, but dresses them.

In conclusion, French sayings about fashion reflect the country’s love for style and elegance, and offer advice on how to dress and present oneself in a fashionable manner.

Whether it’s through simplicity, accessories, or eccentricity, French culture recognizes the significance of fashion and the role it plays in overall style and appearance.

These expressions are a reminder of the importance of dressing well and presenting oneself in the best light.


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