10 French sayings about marriage

French sayings about marriage

Marriage is a cherished institution in French culture, and the country has a rich tradition of sayings and expressions related to this topic. Here are 10 popular French sayings about marriage:

  1. “Le mariage est une longue ascension à deux.” – Marriage is a long ascent for two.
  2. “Le mariage, c’est l’union d’un cœur à deux têtes.” – Marriage is the union of one heart with two heads.
  3. “Le mariage est un long voyage à deux.” – Marriage is a long journey for two.
  4. “Le mariage, c’est la rencontre de deux tempéraments pour ne faire plus qu’un.” – Marriage is the meeting of two temperaments to become one.
  5. “Le mariage, c’est deux cœurs qui battent comme un.” – Marriage is two hearts beating as one.
  6. “Le mariage est un art de vivre à deux.” – Marriage is an art of living for two.
  7. “Le mariage, c’est un bouquet de fleurs qui ne se fanera jamais.” – Marriage is a bouquet of flowers that will never wilt.
  8. “Le mariage est un long poème d’amour à deux.” – Marriage is a long love poem for two.
  9. “Le mariage, c’est la mer et la montagne qui s’unissent.” – Marriage is the sea and the mountain that unite.
  10. “Le mariage, c’est l’amour qui se passe de mots.” – Marriage is love that passes without words.

In conclusion, French sayings about marriage reflect the country’s view of this institution as a cherished and important aspect of life. Whether it’s through the union of two hearts, a long journey, or an art of living, French culture recognizes the significance of marriage and the role it plays in building strong relationships. These expressions are a reminder of the importance of love, commitment, and companionship in marriage.


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