10 French sayings about music

10 French sayings about music

Music has always been an important part of French culture, and the country has a rich tradition of sayings and expressions related to this topic.

Here are 10 popular French sayings about music:

1. “La musique adoucit les mœurs.”

– Music softens manners.

2. “La musique est l’âme des mots.”

– Music is the soul of words.

3. “La musique est la langue des émotions.”

– Music is the language of emotions.

4. “La musique est la poésie des sons.”

– Music is the poetry of sounds.

5. “La musique est un art universel.”

– Music is a universal art.

6. “La musique n’a pas de frontières.”

– Music has no borders.

7. “La musique est le charme des maux.”

– Music is the charm of afflictions.

8. “La musique est la voix du silence.”

– Music is the voice of silence.

9. “La musique, c’est la voix de l’âme.”

– Music is the voice of the soul.

10. “La musique est le lien entre les âmes.”

– Music is the bond between souls.

In conclusion, French sayings about music reflect the country’s deep appreciation for this art form and its ability to touch the soul.

Whether it’s through the expression of emotions, the universal language of music, or its ability to bring people together, French culture recognizes the significance of music and the role it plays in enriching lives.

These expressions are a reminder of the beauty and power of music and its ability to evoke strong emotions and connect us to each other.


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