French test for beginners (Vocabulary)

French test for beginners (Vocabulary)

Instructions: Match the French words to their English translations. Write the correct number next to the corresponding French word.

English words:

  1. cat
  2. house
  3. book
  4. car
  5. bicycle
  6. apple
  7. table
  8. chair
  9. fish
  10. tree

French words:

a. ____________ poisson

b. ____________ voiture

c. ____________ chat

d. ____________ arbre

e. ____________ livre

f. ____________ pomme

g. ____________ maison

h. ____________ vΓ©lo

i. ____________ table

j. ____________ chaise

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This test is designed for beginners learning French and focuses on basic vocabulary words.

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