French test for beginners (online) | French verbs

French test for beginners (online) | French verbs

Instructions: Match the French verbs to their English translations. Write the correct number next to the corresponding French verb.

English verbs (infinitive form):

  1. to eat
  2. to sleep
  3. to speak
  4. to read
  5. to walk
  6. to dance
  7. to write
  8. to swim
  9. to drink
  10. to sing

French verbs (infinitive form):

a. ____________ manger
b. ____________ dormir
c. ____________ parler
d. ____________ lire
e. ____________ marcher
f. ____________ danser
g. ____________ Γ©crire
h. ____________ nager
i. ____________ boire
j. ____________ chanter

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This test is designed for beginners learning French and focuses on basic verbs in their infinitive form.

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