French vocabulary list: Useful conjunctions

French vocabulary list: Useful conjunctions

French is a language that heavily relies on conjunctions to link ideas and create cohesive sentences.

Knowing these conjunctions is essential to becoming fluent in French, and can make a big difference in the clarity and coherence of your speech and writing.

In this vocabulary list, we’ll cover some of the most commonly used French conjunctions that will help you express yourself with ease.

  • Et (and)
  • Ou (or)
  • Mais (but)
  • Car (because)
  • Donc (so/therefore)
  • Pourtant (yet, however)
  • Parce que (because)
  • Si (if)
  • Comme (as, like)
  • Tandis que (while)
  • Alors que (whereas)
  • Lorsque (when)
  • AprΓ¨s que (after)
  • Avant que (before)
  • Bien que (although)
  • Pour que (so that)
  • Afin que (in order that)
  • Quoique (although, even though)
  • En revanche (on the other hand)
  • DΓ¨s que (as soon as)

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