French vocabulary list: Useful prepositions

French vocabulary list: Useful prepositions

Prepositions are essential components of the French language that allow you to indicate a relationship between a noun and other words in a sentence. They are short words that can be a source of confusion for non-native speakers.

In this vocabulary list, we have compiled some of the most commonly used French prepositions to help you understand and use them correctly in your speech and writing.

  1. à – to, at, in
  2. dans – in, into, inside
  3. devant – in front of
  4. derrière – behind
  5. sur – on, upon, onto
  6. sous – under, below, beneath
  7. en – in, on, at, to, by
  8. par – by, through, along, using
  9. sans – without
  10. avec – with
  11. pour – for, in order to
  12. depuis – since, for, from
  13. jusqu’à – until, up to
  14. en face de – facing, opposite
  15. entre – between
  16. autour de – around
  17. à côté de – next to
  18. à l’intérieur de – inside of
  19. à l’extérieur de – outside of
  20. au-dessus de – above, over

Learning these prepositions is important for communicating effectively in French, and can make a big difference in your ability to express yourself clearly and correctly. Practice using these words in context, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a confident and capable French speaker.

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