French word of the day: ranger

French word of the day: ranger

Welcome to our series of “French Word of the Day” where we explore new and interesting French vocabulary.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the word “ranger.”

Ranger” is a versatile verb in French that has a variety of meanings, including “to put in order,” “to tidy up,” and “to arrange.”

It’s an essential word to know for anyone who wants to improve their French vocabulary and communicate more effectively in daily life.

Here’s how to use “ranger” in a sentence:

  • Je dois ranger ma chambre. (I have to tidy up my room.)
  • Je vais ranger les livres sur les étagères. (I’m going to put the books on the shelves.)
  • Nous avons rangé les chaises après la fête. (We put the chairs in order after the party.)

As you can see, “ranger” is a useful verb that can help you describe everyday actions and situations.

Whether you’re talking about tidying up your room, arranging books on a shelf, or putting chairs in order after a party, “ranger” is a word that you’re likely to use frequently in your French conversations.

Pronunciation: “rang-zhey”

Now that you know the meaning and usage of “ranger,” you can start using it in your own French conversations.

Try using it in a sentence today and see how it can help you communicate more effectively in French.

That’s all for today’s “French Word of the Day.” Join us tomorrow for a new word and continue to expand your French vocabulary.


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