How do you say “the end” in French

How do you say “the end” in French

The phrase “the end” can be translated to French as “la fin.” In conversational French, you might hear the phrase “c’est fini,” which means “it’s finished.” This can be used to say “the end” in a more informal setting.

Another way to say “the end” in French is “c’est tout,” which literally means “that’s all.”

This is a common phrase used in French to indicate the conclusion of something, such as a conversation or a movie.

It’s also important to note that in French, the word “fin” can also mean “end” in the sense of a physical location or destination.

For example, “Je vais à la fin de la rue” would mean “I’m going to the end of the street.”

In conclusion, there are several ways to say “the end” in French, each with its own connotation and context. To get the best translation, it’s important to consider the situation in which you will be using the phrase.

Whether you need to indicate the end of a conversation, a movie, or a physical location, there is a French phrase that will convey the meaning you need.


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