How to say “know” in French

How to say “know” in French

In French, the verb “know” can be translated to “savoir”. The conjugation of this verb will depend on the subject pronoun being used in the sentence. Here are some examples of how to use “savoir” in a sentence:

  • Je sais (I know)
  • Tu sais (You know – informal)
  • Il/elle sait (He/she knows)
  • Nous savons (We know)
  • Vous savez (You know – formal)
  • Ils/elles savent (They know)

Note that in French, “savoir” is often used in combination with “connaître” to express “knowing” in different contexts. For example:

  • Je connais (I know [person, place, etc.])
  • Tu connais (You know [person, place, etc.] – informal)
  • Il/elle connait (He/she knows [person, place, etc.])
  • Nous connaissons (We know [person, place, etc.])
  • Vous connaissez (You know [person, place, etc.] – formal)
  • Ils/elles connaissent (They know [person, place, etc.])

In summary, if you want to express “knowing” information in French, use “savoir”. If you want to express “knowing” a person, place, etc., use “connaître”.



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