How do you say “they are” in French

Learn how do you say “they are” in French:

In French, the phrase “they are” can be translated to “ils sont.” This is the third person plural form of the verb “être,” which means “to be.”

Here are a few examples of how “ils sont” can be used in a sentence:

  • “Ils sont heureux” (They are happy)
  • “Ils sont ici” (They are here)
  • “Ils sont en train de manger” (They are eating)

It’s important to remember that “ils sont” is used when referring to a group of people, not just a single person. If you need to express “he/she is” in French, you would use “il est” for “he is” and “elle est” for “she is.”

In conclusion, “ils sont” is a fundamental phrase to know when speaking French, and mastering its use will allow you to effectively communicate in a variety of situations. Whether you’re talking about people, objects, or other things, the phrase “ils sont” is a useful tool to have in your vocabulary arsenal.


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