How to say “then” in French

Learn how to say “then” in French:

In French, the word for “then” is “alors.” This word can be used in various ways to express different meanings, such as “then,” “so,” or “therefore.”

For example:

  • “Je suis fatigué, alors je vais me coucher” (I am tired, then I’m going to bed)
  • “Il fait beau, alors allons dehors” (It’s nice out, so let’s go outside)
  • “J’ai fini mes devoirs, alors je peux jouer” (I finished my homework, then I can play)

It’s important to note that “alors” is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts, so it’s a great word to know and use when speaking French. Additionally, it can also serve as a transition word in conversation, indicating a change in subject or thought.

In summary, “alors” is a versatile and useful word to know when speaking French, and mastering its use can help you convey a wider range of ideas and thoughts in your conversations.


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