How to say “them” in French

Learn how to say “them” in French:

In French, the word for “them” is “eux” for masculine subjects and “elles” for feminine subjects.

For example:

  • “Je les connais” (I know them)
  • “Je les ai vues hier” (I saw them yesterday)

When referring to mixed gender groups, the masculine form “eux” is used as the default.

It’s also worth noting that the French language has a formal and informal way of speaking. When addressing someone in a formal setting, such as a professional setting or when addressing an elder, it’s common to use the third person plural pronoun “ils” and “elles.”

In summary, learning the correct use of “eux,” “elles,” and “ils/elles” will help you communicate more effectively in French and navigate different levels of formality in conversations.


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