How to say “the” in French

How to say “the” in French

In French, the word for “the” is “le” or “la” depending on the noun it precedes. “Le” is used in front of masculine nouns, while “la” is used before feminine nouns.

For example:

  • “Le livre” (the book)
  • “La voiture” (the car)

It’s important to note that the French language has a gender system, where every noun is either masculine or feminine. As a result, the articles “le” and “la” must agree with the gender of the noun they are modifying.

Additionally, there is also the indefinite article “un” (masculine) and “une” (feminine) which translates to “a” or “an.”

In summary, learning the correct usage of the definite articles “le” and “la” is essential in communicating effectively in French. With practice, it will become easier to determine the gender of French nouns and use the correct articles.


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