How to make the future tense in French?

How to make the future tense in French?

The future tense in French is formed by using the infinitive form of the verb and adding the appropriate future tense endings.

The future tense endings in French are:

  • -ai for the first person singular (je)
  • -as for the second person singular (tu)
  • -a for the third person singular (il, elle, on)
  • -ons for the first person plural (nous)
  • -ez for the second person plural (vous)
  • -ont for the third person plural (ils, elles)

Here’s an example:

The infinitive form of the verb parler (to speak) is parler.

To form the future tense, the infinitive is followed by the appropriate future tense ending:

  • je parlerai (I will speak)
  • tu parleras (you will speak, informal)
  • il/elle parlera (he/she will speak)
  • nous parlerons (we will speak)
  • vous parlerez (you will speak, formal)
  • ils/elles parleront (they will speak)

So, the basic formula for forming the future tense in French is: infinitive + future tense endings.


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