How to say “for you” in French

Learn how to say “for you” in French:

Learning a new language can be a great experience, and French is no exception. In this blog post, we will focus on the phrase “for you” in French, which can be used in many different contexts to express generosity, kindness, or simply to offer something to someone.

The French equivalent of “for you” is “pour toi” when speaking to one person informally, and “pour vous” when speaking to one person formally or to multiple people.

Here are a few examples of how you can use this phrase in different contexts:

  • “Je vous ai apporté un cadeau, c’est pour vous.” (I brought you a gift, it’s for you.)
  • “Je vais faire du café, est-ce que vous en voulez ? C’est pour vous.” (I’m making coffee, do you want some? It’s for you.)
  • “J’ai réservé une table au restaurant, c’est pour toi.” (I made a reservation at the restaurant, it’s for you.)

As you can see, “for you” in French can be used in various situations where you want to offer something to someone. Whether it’s a physical item or an action, the phrase “pour toi/vous” is a polite and effective way to express that it’s for the other person.

In conclusion, learning the phrase “for you” in French is a simple but essential tool for communicating with French-speaking people. Whether you’re on vacation in a French-speaking country or speaking with French-speaking friends, knowing how to say “for you” will certainly come in handy.



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