How to say “for” in French

Learn how to say “for” in French

In French, the word for “for” can be translated as “pour.” This is a versatile preposition that is used in many different contexts, from expressing the purpose of an action, to indicating the recipient of a gift.

For example, you can say “Je fais ça pour toi” which means “I’m doing this for you.” Or “Il a acheté un cadeau pour sa mère” which translates to “He bought a gift for his mother.”

It’s important to note that while “pour” is the most common way to express “for” in French, there are other prepositions that can be used depending on the context. For example, “destiné à” is used to express that something is intended for a specific person or purpose, and “afin de” is used to express the purpose of an action.

In conclusion, learning the different ways to say “for” in French can greatly improve your ability to express yourself and understand others. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced French speaker, be sure to practice using “pour” in different contexts to master its usage.



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