How to say “French” in French

Learn how to say “French” in French:

If you’re looking to talk about the French language in French, you might be wondering how to say “French” in the language. The answer is simple: “français”.

This is the adjective form of the word and is used to describe anything related to France or the French culture. For example, you can use it to describe a book or movie in French or to refer to someone who is French.

In conversation, you may also hear the word “français” used as a noun to refer to the language itself. For example, someone might ask, “Parles-tu français?” (Do you speak French?), or “Je veux apprendre le français” (I want to learn French).

So there you have it, the word for “French” in French is “français”. This is a simple but important word to know, especially if you’re learning the language or traveling to France.



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