How to say “help” in French

Learn how to say “help” in French:

In French, the word “help” can be translated as “aide”. It is a commonly used word in daily conversations and can be used in a variety of situations where you may need assistance. Here are a few examples of how to use the word “aide” in French:

  1. “Pouvez-vous m’aider, s’il vous plaît?” which means “Can you help me, please?”
  2. “J’ai besoin d’aide pour faire mes devoirs.” which means “I need help with my homework.”
  3. “Est-ce que vous pouvez m’aider à trouver mon chemin?” which means “Can you help me find my way?”

It’s important to note that French has a formal and informal way of speaking. In formal situations, it’s more appropriate to use the polite form “pouvez-vous m’aider” rather than the informal “peux-tu m’aider”.

When in need, don’t hesitate to ask for help in French. A simple “aide” can go a long way in getting the assistance you need. With the help of this word, you can navigate your way through any situation with ease.


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