How to say “here” in French

Learn how to say “here” in French:

“Here” in French is “ici”. This is a very simple and straightforward word that can be used in many different situations. For example, you can use “ici” to indicate the location of something or someone, to describe where you are at the moment, or to point out a specific place.

Some examples of how to use “ici” in sentences are:

  • Je suis ici. (I am here.)
  • Il y a un café ici. (There is a café here.)
  • Les livres sont ici. (The books are here.)

It’s important to note that “ici” is an adverb, so it can be used to describe an action or state of being. In contrast, the French word for “here” used as a noun is “cet endroit” or simply “endroit”.

In conclusion, “ici” is a versatile and essential word in French, so it’s definitely worth memorizing it if you’re learning the language. With practice, you’ll soon be able to use “ici” with confidence and ease in your conversations with French-speaking people.


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