How to say “How are you?” in French language

Learn how to say “How are you” in French language:

“Comment allez-vous” is the most common and polite way to ask someone “How are you?” in French. Another informal way to ask the same question is “Ça va?” or simply “Comment ça va?” which is commonly used between friends and family.

When asking “How are you?” in French, it’s important to keep in mind the formality of the situation and choose the appropriate greeting. “Comment allez-vous” is more formal and is usually used in a business setting or with someone you don’t know very well. On the other hand, “Ça va?” is more casual and is often used in informal situations.

It’s also important to note that in French, the response to “Comment allez-vous?” is typically “Très bien, merci, et vous?” which translates to “Very well, thank you, and you?” This is a polite way to ask the same question back to the person who asked you.

In conclusion, “Comment allez-vous?” and “Ça va?” are the most common ways to ask “How are you?” in French and it’s important to choose the appropriate formality depending on the situation.


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