How to say “how much” in French

Learn how to say “how much” in French:

“How much” can be translated into French in several ways, depending on the context. Here are some of the most common ways to translate “how much” into French:

  1. “Combien” – This is the most common way to translate “how much” into French and is often used when asking the price of something. For example, “Combien coûte ce t-shirt?” (How much does this t-shirt cost?)
  2. “Quelle est la quantité” – This is used when asking about the amount of something. For example, “Quelle est la quantité de sucre que vous avez besoin?” (How much sugar do you need?)
  3. “À combien estimez-vous” – This is used when asking for someone’s estimate of something. For example, “À combien estimez-vous la valeur de cette voiture?” (How much do you estimate the value of this car?)

In general, the word “combien” is the most versatile and can be used in many different contexts to translate “how much.” Whether you are asking about the price of something, the amount of something, or someone’s estimate, “combien” is a good word to use.











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