How to say “how old are you” in French

Learn how to say “how old are you” in French:

In French, you can ask “How old are you?” by saying “Quel âge as-tu?” or “Quelle est ton âge?” These are the most common ways to ask someone’s age in French.

Another option is to say “Quel âge avez-vous?” if you are asking someone who is older than you, or if you want to be more formal.

It is important to know the ways to ask someone’s age in French as this is a common question that people ask each other, especially when they are getting to know each other. Being able to ask and answer this question in French can help you build better relationships with French-speaking people and improve your ability to communicate in the language.

In conclusion, the phrase “Quel âge as-tu?” is a common and casual way to ask someone’s age in French, while “Quel âge avez-vous?” is a more formal way to ask the same question.



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