How to say “I don’t like” in French

How to say “I don’t like” in French

“Je n’aime pas” is the French phrase for “I don’t like”. This phrase is a straightforward and commonly used phrase in French to express dislike towards something.

In French, “j’aime” means “I like”, while adding the negation “ne” before the verb and adding “pas” after the verb negates the sentence. Therefore, “Je n’aime pas” translates to “I don’t like”.

It is important to note that in French, “pas” must be placed immediately after the verb, unlike in English where the word “not” can be placed either before or after the verb.

Here’s an example of using “Je n’aime pas” in a sentence: “Je n’aime pas les légumes verts” (I don’t like green vegetables)

In conclusion, if you want to express dislike in French, remember the phrase “Je n’aime pas”. With this phrase in your vocabulary, you’ll be able to easily express your opinions and make yourself understood in French-speaking environments.



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