How to say “I hate” in French

Learn how to say “I hate” in French:

In French, “I hate” can be expressed as “Je déteste.”

To express strong dislike or aversion to something or someone, the verb “détester” is used in French. It is conjugated as a regular -er verb in the present tense, making it easy to use in daily conversation.

In order to express “I hate” in a sentence, you simply need to conjugate the verb to match the subject pronoun “je,” which means “I.” The result is “Je déteste.”

Here are some example sentences to help you get the hang of using “Je déteste” in context:

  • Je déteste les légumes. (I hate vegetables.)
  • Je déteste quand il pleut. (I hate when it rains.)
  • Je déteste parler en public. (I hate speaking in public.)

As you can see, “Je déteste” can be used to express dislike for a variety of things. Whether it’s food, weather, or public speaking, this phrase is a simple and effective way to express strong dislike in French.


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