How to say “I hate you” in French

Learn how to say “I hate you” in French:

In French, “I hate you” can be expressed as “Je te déteste.” The word “déteste” is the conjugated form of the verb “détester,” which means “to hate.” The pronoun “je” is the first-person singular subject pronoun, meaning “I.” The pronoun “te” is the second-person singular direct object pronoun, meaning “you.” So, “Je te déteste” translates to “I hate you.”

It’s important to use this phrase with caution, as it is a strong expression of dislike. In everyday conversations, it’s better to use milder expressions such as “Je n’aime pas ce que tu fais” (I don’t like what you do) or “Je suis en colère contre toi” (I am angry at you) to express dissatisfaction or disagreement.

In conclusion, if you want to express hatred towards someone in French, you can use “Je te déteste.” However, it’s recommended to use more polite expressions in most situations.


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