How to say “never” in French

How to say “never” in French

“Never” in French can be translated as “jamais”.

In conversation, “jamais” is often used to express negation of actions that have not happened yet. For example: “Je n’ai jamais vu ce film” (I have never seen this movie).

“Jamais” can also be used in combination with “ne…plus” to form the phrase “ne…jamais plus”, which means “never again”. For example: “Je ne ferai jamais plus cette erreur” (I will never make this mistake again).

It is important to note that in French, the word order and the use of negation is different than in English, so it is essential to pay attention to context and grammar when using “jamais” in conversation.

In conclusion, knowing the word “jamais” is important for expressing negation and certainty in French language.



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