How to say “number” in French

How to say “number” in French

The word for “number” in French is “numéro”. This word is commonly used in many contexts, including phone numbers, addresses, and even serial numbers. It is an important word to know when speaking or writing in French, as it is frequently used in daily life.

In its most basic form, “numéro” is used to indicate a specific count or item in a series. For example, “numéro de téléphone” means “phone number”. Similarly, “numéro de rue” means “street number”. When used in mathematical expressions, “numéro” can refer to a number, such as “un numéro entier” meaning “an integer number”.

In conversation, “numéro” can also be used in a more general sense to indicate an item of significance or importance. For example, “ce livre est mon numéro 1” meaning “this book is my number one.” In this context, “numéro” is used to indicate the ranking or priority of an item.

In conclusion, “numéro” is a versatile word that is widely used in French, both in writing and in conversation. Whether you’re discussing phone numbers, addresses, or even counting items in a series, knowing how to say “number” in French is an important part of learning the language.


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