How to say “that” in French

Learn how to say “that” in French:

“That” in French can be translated to “cela” or “ça”. These two words are informal and are used in casual conversations. If you want to use a more formal word for “that”, you can use “ce” or “ceci”. It is important to choose the right word for “that” depending on the context of the conversation and the level of formality you want to convey.

For example:

  • “I saw that movie yesterday” can be translated to “J’ai vu ce film hier.”
  • “Do you like that shirt?” can be translated to “Aimes-tu ce T-shirt ?”
  • “This is my book” can be translated to “Ceci est mon livre.”

In French, the words for “that” change based on gender and quantity. So, it is important to pay attention to the context of the conversation to determine which word to use. In general, “cela” and “ça” are used to refer to a general or impersonal idea, while “ce” and “ceci” are used to refer to a specific thing or person.



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