How to say “this is” in French

Learn how to say “this is” in French:

In French, “this is” can be translated to “ceci est” or “voici”. For example, if you wanted to say “this is a book”, you could say “ceci est un livre” or “voici un livre”.

Both “ceci est” and “voici” are used to refer to something nearby, while “cela est” is used to refer to something further away. It’s important to use the correct form to ensure accurate communication in French.

In addition to these expressions, you can also use the verb “être” (to be) to express “this is”. For example, “this is my house” can be translated to “c’est ma maison”.

By using these various expressions, you can now introduce or describe items in French, making it easier for you to communicate with French-speaking individuals. Keep practicing and soon, you’ll be able to express “this is” in French with ease!



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