How to say “TV” in French

Learn how to say “TV” in French:

The word “TV” in French is “télévision”. This is a straightforward word and is commonly used in French-speaking countries to refer to the device we use to watch television shows, movies, and other forms of video content. The word is pronounced similarly to its English equivalent, with a slight emphasis on the second syllable.

In conversation, French speakers often shorten the word to simply “télé” which is still easily recognizable. It’s worth noting that the French language has its own television channels, shows, and programs, so it’s important to be able to understand and refer to the medium if you’re planning on speaking French in a French-speaking country.

In conclusion, the word for “TV” in French is “télévision” and is an important word to know if you’re learning the language or planning to visit a French-speaking country. Whether you’re referring to the device or watching your favorite shows, being able to use the word accurately will greatly enhance your ability to communicate in French.



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