How to say “what” in French? – Learning tips

Learn how to say “what” in French:

Salut! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to say “what” in French. This versatile word is used to ask questions and seek information, making it an essential part of any French vocabulary.

  1. “Quoi”: The most common way to say “what” in French is by using the word “quoi”. For example, “Quoi?” (What?)
  2. “Qu’est-ce que”: Another way to say “what” in French is by using the phrase “Qu’est-ce que”. For example, “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” (What is it?)
  3. “De quoi”: “De quoi” is another way to say “what” in French, particularly when asking about a specific topic or subject. For example, “De quoi parlez-vous?” (What are you talking about?)
  4. “Que”: “Que” is another word that can be used to mean “what” in French. For example, “Que veux-tu dire?” (What do you mean?)
  5. “Lequel”: “Lequel” is used to mean “which one” or “what” in French. For example, “Lequel préférez-vous?” (Which one do you prefer?)

In conclusion, knowing how to say “what” in French is an important part of communicating effectively in the language. Remember to use the appropriate form based on the context, and don’t hesitate to practice your French with native speakers. Bonne chance!


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