How to say “with” in French? – Learning tips

Learn how to say “with” in French:

Salut! In this blog post, we’ll explore the various ways to say “with” in French. This preposition is often used to indicate the company or accompaniment of someone or something.

  1. “Avec”: The most common way to say “with” in French is “avec”. For example, “Je vais au cinéma avec mes amis” (I’m going to the cinema with my friends).
  2. “En compagnie de”: Another way to say “with” in French is “en compagnie de”. For example, “Je voyage en compagnie de ma famille” (I’m traveling with my family).
  3. “De”: “De” can also be used to mean “with” in French, particularly in expressions like “à la place de” (instead of) or “en lieu et place de” (in place of). For example, “Je travaille de mes parents” (I work with my parents).
  4. “Chez”: “Chez” is used to mean “with” when referring to someone’s company at their place of residence. For example, “Je passe la soirée chez mes amis” (I’m spending the evening with my friends at their place).
  5. “Par”: “Par” can be used to mean “with” in French when referring to someone’s assistance or support. For example, “Je fais cela par toi” (I’m doing this with you).

In conclusion, there are several ways to say “with” in French, each with its own specific usage and context. Familiarizing yourself with these different forms will help you communicate more effectively in the language. Bonne chance!


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