How to say “word” in French

How to say “word” in French

Bonjour! If you’re learning French, you’ll need to know how to say the word “word” in the language. In this blog post, we’ll explore different ways to express “word” in French, so you can use this important vocabulary word in your conversations.

  1. “Mot”: The most common way to say “word” in French is “mot.” For example, “Un mot par jour” (A word a day).
  2. “Terme”: “Terme” is another way to say “word” in French, often used in a more formal or technical context. For example, “Le terme est utilisé en médecine” (The term is used in medicine).
  3. “Parole”: “Parole” is a more general word for “word” in French, often used in a conversational context. For example, “Il a tenu ses promesses” (He kept his word).
  4. “Expression”: “Expression” is also a way to say “word” in French, often used to refer to a specific phrase or expression. For example, “L’expression populaire” (The popular expression).
  5. “Vocabulaire”: “Vocabulaire” is a more general term for the words and phrases used in a particular language or subject. For example, “Il connaît bien le vocabulaire de la cuisine” (He knows the vocabulary of cooking well).

With these options in mind, you can express “word” in French with confidence! À bientôt!


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