How to say “work” in French

How to say “work” in French

Bonjour! If you’re learning French, you may want to know how to say the word “work” in the language. In this blog post, we’ll explore different ways to express “work” in French, so you can use this important vocabulary word in your conversations.

  1. “Travail”: The most common way to say “work” in French is “travail.” For example, “Je vais au travail” (I go to work).
  2. “Emploi”: Another word for “work” in French is “emploi.” For example, “Il cherche un emploi” (He is looking for work).
  3. “Boulot”: “Boulot” is a informal word for “work” in French, often used in informal or casual conversations. For example, “Il a un boulot stressant” (He has a stressful job).
  4. “Job”: The English word “job” is also used in French, but it is not as commonly used as “travail” or “emploi.”
  5. “Profession”: “Profession” is a more formal way to say “work” in French, often used in more professional or academic contexts. For example, “Quelle est votre profession?” (What is your profession?)
  6. “Taf” is a slang word for “work” in French. It is informal and used in casual conversations, often among friends or in a relaxed setting. It is a shorthand for “Travail À Faire”.

With these options in mind, you can express “work” in French with confidence! À bientôt!


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