20 Examples of Imparfait Sentences in French

20 Examples of Imparfait Sentences in French

The imparfait tense is a past tense in French that is used to describe ongoing actions, habits, or states in the past.

It’s a crucial aspect of French grammar and an important tool for expressing the past.

Here are 20 examples of imparfait sentences in French:

  1. Je jouais au football tous les après-midi. (I used to play soccer every afternoon.)
  2. Nous parlions français en classe. (We used to speak French in class.)
  3. Tu mangeais toujours de la pizza le vendredi soir. (You always used to eat pizza on Friday nights.)
  4. Il était très bon élève. (He was a very good student.)
  5. Elle aimait la musique classique. (She used to love classical music.)
  6. Nous allions souvent en ville. (We used to often go to town.)
  7. Tu étais toujours en retard. (You were always late.)
  8. Il prenait son petit déjeuner à 7h. (He used to have breakfast at 7 AM.)
  9. Elle travaillait tard le soir. (She used to work late at night.)
  10. Nous aditions beaucoup de livres. (We used to read a lot of books.)
  11. Tu passais tes vacances à la plage. (You used to spend your vacations at the beach.)
  12. Il aimait les chats. (He used to love cats.)
  13. Elle jouait du piano tous les jours. (She used to play the piano every day.)
  14. Nous disions toujours la vérité. (We always used to tell the truth.)
  15. Tu habitais dans une grande ville. (You used to live in a big city.)
  16. Il faisait du sport tous les matins. (He used to do sports every morning.)
  17. Elle aimait le chocolat. (She used to love chocolate.)
  18. Nous avions beaucoup d’amis. (We used to have a lot of friends.)
  19. Tu prenais toujours le même chemin pour aller à l’école. (You always used to take the same path to go to school.)
  20. Il était toujours content. (He was always happy.)

By learning and practicing these examples, you’ll be able to get a feel for the imparfait tense and how it’s used in context.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – they’re just a natural part of the learning process!

With enough practice and repetition, you’ll soon be using the imparfait tense with ease.


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