French vocabulary list: Little and big appliances

French vocabulary list: Little and big appliances

Understanding the correct English-French vocabulary related to small and large appliances is important for shopping and maintaining your home.

Here is an English-French vocabulary list of some common words and phrases related to little and big appliances:

English-French Vocabulary List:

  1. Appliance – L’appareil ménager (masculine noun)
  2. Refrigerator – Le réfrigérateur
  3. Freezer – Le congélateur
  4. Oven – Le four
  5. Stove – La cuisinière
  6. Microwave – Le micro-ondes
  7. Dishwasher – Le lave-vaisselle
  8. Washing machine – La machine à laver
  9. Dryer – Le sèche-linge
  10. Vacuum cleaner – L’aspirateur (masculine noun)
  11. Iron – Le fer à repasser
  12. Toaster – Le grille-pain
  13. Coffee maker – La cafetière
  14. Blender – Le mixeur
  15. Food processor – Le robot culinaire
  16. Juicer – L’extracteur de jus (masculine noun)
  17. Electric kettle – La bouilloire électrique
  18. Air conditioner – Le climatiseur
  19. Heater – Le chauffage
  20. Fan – Le ventilateur

Understanding these words and phrases is essential for shopping for appliances and maintaining your home in both English and French. With practice and repetition, you will become more comfortable using them in everyday conversations related to appliances.

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