French vocabulary list: Logistic

French vocabulary list: Logistic

Understanding the correct English-French vocabulary related to logistics is essential for navigating supply chain management and transportation in both languages.

Here is an English-French vocabulary list of some common words and phrases related to logistics:

English-French Vocabulary List:

  1. Logistics – La logistique
  2. Warehouse – L’entrepôt (masculine noun)
  3. Inventory – L’inventaire (masculine noun)
  4. Supply chain – La chaîne d’approvisionnement
  5. Freight – Le fret
  6. Shipping – L’expédition (feminine noun)
  7. Delivery – La livraison
  8. Pallet – La palette
  9. Cargo – La cargaison
  10. Customs – Les douanes (feminine noun)
  11. Import – L’importation (feminine noun)
  12. Export – L’exportation (feminine noun)
  13. Carrier – Le transporteur
  14. Tracking – Le suivi
  15. Route – La route
  16. Port – Le port
  17. Terminal – Le terminal
  18. Logistics provider – Le prestataire logistique
  19. Supply and demand – L’offre et la demande (feminine noun)
  20. Transport – Le transport

Understanding these words and phrases is essential for navigating the complex world of logistics and transportation in both English and French.

With practice and repetition, you will become more comfortable using them in everyday conversations related to logistics.

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