Most common -ir verbs in French

Most common -ir verbs in French

French is a language rich in verbs, and it is essential to have a good understanding of them to master the language. One of the most common verb endings in French is -ir, which is found in many frequently used verbs. In this post, we will introduce the most common -ir verbs in French, along with their meanings.

  1. Finir – to finish
  2. Choisir – to choose
  3. Réfléchir – to reflect, to think
  4. Remplir – to fill
  5. Grandir – to grow
  6. Rougir – to blush
  7. Réussir – to succeed
  8. Punir – to punish
  9. Grossir – to gain weight
  10. Établir – to establish
  11. Maigrir – to lose weight
  12. Obtenir – to obtain
  13. Agir – to act
  14. Vieillir – to age
  15. Bâtir – to build
  16. Réunir – to gather, to unite
  17. Fournir – to provide
  18. Réagir – to react
  19. Investir – to invest
  20. Finir – to finish
  21. Choisir – to choose
  22. Réfléchir – to reflect, to think
  23. Remplir – to fill
  24. Grandir – to grow
  25. Rougir – to blush
  26. Réussir – to succeed
  27. Punir – to punish
  28. Grossir – to gain weight
  29. Établir – to establish
  30. Maigrir – to lose weight

These verbs are all regular -ir verbs, meaning that they follow the same conjugation pattern. Here is an example of the present tense conjugation of finir:

Je finis – I finish Tu finis – You finish Il/Elle/On finit – He/She/One finishes Nous finissons – We finish Vous finissez – You (plural) finish Ils/Elles finissent – They finish

As you can see, the -ir ending is removed and replaced with the appropriate conjugation ending.

In conclusion, the -ir verb family is an essential part of the French language. By mastering these verbs and their conjugation patterns, you will have a solid foundation for expressing yourself in French. Take the time to practice and familiarize yourself with these verbs, and you will be well on your way to becoming a fluent French speaker.

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