Most used French words: Energy and natural resources

Most used French words: Energy and natural resources

Energy and natural resources are important topics in today’s world, as we seek to find sustainable solutions to power our lives and protect our planet. Understanding the correct English-French vocabulary related to energy and natural resources is essential for communicating about these important issues.

Here is an English-French vocabulary list of some common words and phrases related to energy and natural resources:

English-French Vocabulary List:

  1. Energy – L’énergie (feminine noun)
  2. Natural resources – Les ressources naturelles (feminine plural noun)
  3. Renewable energy – Les énergies renouvelables (feminine plural noun)
  4. Non-renewable energy – Les énergies non renouvelables (feminine plural noun)
  5. Fossil fuels – Les combustibles fossiles (masculine plural noun)
  6. Oil – Le pétrole
  7. Gas – Le gaz
  8. Coal – Le charbon
  9. Solar power – L’énergie solaire (feminine noun)
  10. Wind power – L’énergie éolienne (feminine noun)
  11. Hydro power – L’énergie hydraulique (feminine noun)
  12. Geothermal energy – L’énergie géothermique (feminine noun)
  13. Nuclear power – L’énergie nucléaire (feminine noun)
  14. Biomass – La biomasse
  15. Biofuel – Le biocarburant
  16. Carbon footprint – L’empreinte carbone (feminine noun)
  17. Greenhouse gas – Le gaz à effet de serre
  18. Climate change – Le changement climatique
  19. Deforestation – La déforestation
  20. Conservation – La conservation
  21. Biodiversity – La biodiversité
  22. Water conservation – La conservation de l’eau
  23. Energy efficiency – L’efficacité énergétique (feminine noun)
  24. Hybrid car – Une voiture hybride
  25. Recycling – Le recyclage

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