20 Simple present tense sentences in French

20 Simple present tense sentences in French

The simple present tense in French, also known as the present indicative, is used to describe actions that are happening regularly or habitually.

It is a crucial aspect of French grammar and an important tool for expressing yourself in the language.

In this lesson, we’ll look at 20 simple present tense sentences in French to help you get started with using this tense.

Je mange du pain tous les matins.
I eat bread every morning.

Tu parles français très bien.
You speak French very well.

Il boit du café tous les jours.
He drinks coffee every day.

Nous aimons la musique française.
We love French music.

Vous prenez le train chaque matin.
You take the train every morning.

Ils habitent à Paris.
They live in Paris.

Elle travaille à l’université.
She works at the university.

Tu fais du sport tous les jours.
You do sports every day.

Il étudie le français tous les soirs.
He studies French every evening.

Nous allons à la plage en été.
We go to the beach in summer.

Vous voyagez souvent.
You travel often.

Elles jouent au tennis tous les week-ends.
They play tennis every weekend.

Je prends toujours un petit déjeuner sain.
I always have a healthy breakfast.

Tu as de nombreux amis.
You have many friends.

Il aime les films français.
He likes French movies.

Nous dansons souvent le soir.
We often dance in the evening.

Vous lisez beaucoup de livres.
You read a lot of books.

Ils nagent dans la mer en été.
They swim in the sea in summer.

Elle parle anglais très bien.
She speaks English very well.

Tu es toujours en forme.
You are always in good shape.

In conclusion, the simple present tense in French is a crucial aspect of the language and mastering it will enable you to express yourself more effectively.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner, practicing these 20 simple present tense sentences in French is a great way to improve your skills. Keep up the good work and bonne chance!


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