Advanced French Vocabulary: Music and instruments

Advanced French Vocabulary: Music and instruments

Music is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. It is one of the most powerful art forms that have the ability to express emotions, tell stories, and bring people together.

If you are learning French and are interested in music, knowing the relevant vocabulary can be helpful in expressing your appreciation for the art form, communicating with French-speaking musicians, and understanding French music.

In this English-French vocabulary list, you will find the most common words related to music and musical instruments.

English – French vocabulary list:

  • Music: La musique
  • Song: La chanson
  • Singer: Le chanteur/la chanteuse
  • Musician: Le musicien/la musicienne
  • Band: Le groupe
  • Album: L’album (m)
  • Lyrics: Les paroles (f)
  • Melody: La mélodie
  • Harmony: L’harmonie (f)
  • Rhythm: Le rythme
  • Beat: Le battement
  • Genre: Le genre
  • Classical music: La musique classique
  • Pop music: La musique pop
  • Rock music: La musique rock
  • Jazz music: La musique jazz
  • Folk music: La musique folk
  • Electronic music: La musique électronique
  • Hip-hop music: La musique hip-hop
  • Instrument: L’instrument (m)
  • Piano: Le piano
  • Guitar: La guitare
  • Bass guitar: La basse
  • Drums: La batterie
  • Violin: Le violon
  • Trumpet: La trompette
  • Saxophone: Le saxophone
  • Flute: La flûte
  • Clarinet: La clarinette
  • Harmonica: L’harmonica (m)

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