English to French translation exercises with answers (PDF)

English to French translation exercises with answers (PDF) – Expressing quantity

Welcome to this English-French translation exercise! Our goal is to help you improve your language skills by practicing translation between French and English. This exercise is designed for learners of all levels, so whether you’re just starting out or already proficient, you’ll find this activity both challenging and rewarding.

In this exercise, you’ll be presented with a series of English sentences, and your task is to translate them into French as accurately as possible. Pay close attention to the grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure to ensure your translations convey the intended meaning.

Please note that some sentences might have multiple correct translations, so don’t worry if your answer doesn’t exactly match the provided solution. The key is to focus on conveying the overall meaning and structure of the sentence while adhering to proper grammar rules.

Once you’ve completed the exercise, take the time to review the correct translations and any alternative solutions to learn from any mistakes and expand your understanding of both languages.

Translate the following English sentences into French:

1. There are many books in the library.


2. I have a few friends coming over tonight.


3. She ate too much ice cream and now has a stomachache.


4. He has so little patience with his coworkers.

5. I bought several shirts on sale at the store.


6. There is not enough time to finish the project today.


7. She has a lot of responsibilities at work.


8. There are too many people in this room.


9. I need some more information before making a decision.


10. We have enough chairs for all the guests.



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