10 French adjectives that start with Y

10 French adjectives that start with Y

The French language is known for its complex and extensive system of adjectives. These descriptive words are used to provide more detail and nuance to the language, making it more expressive and vivid. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on French adjectives that start with the letter Y.

Unfortunately, there are not many adjectives in French that start with the letter Y. Here are a few adjectives that start with Y, but they are not commonly used:

  1. Yéménite – Yemeni
  2. Yiddish – Yiddish
  3. Yuppiesque – yuppie-like
  4. Yerrois(e) – from Yerres
  5. Yacout – Yakut
  6. Yoleur/Yoleuse – small boat sailor
  7. Yolkeur/Yolkeuse – small boat sailor
  8. Yé-yé – yé-yé (1960s French pop music)
  9. Yézidite – Yezidi
  10. Yiddishophone – Yiddish-speaking

These adjectives can be used to describe a wide variety of nouns and situations, adding nuance and detail to the French language. It’s important to note that some of these adjectives have multiple meanings or can change depending on the context, so it’s always important to consider the situation in which they are being used.

Bonus words: 

  1. Yankee – American
  2. Yougoslave – Yugoslav

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